Our Services

Our core service is to get familiar with your situation.

Together with the customer we outline the need for labour regarding qualitative requirements and the amount of manpower and working time.

A job order contract is made on basis of this.
vuokratyo kokkiOur invoicing is based on an agreed hourly pricing of actual working hours.
The invoice is always written by a Finnish company.

At the beginning of the work we will send workers that fill your needs for the job. Our company acts as the employer. We take care of all the legal employer obligations and employee insurances. Our customer’s responsibility is to specify the job task and to supervise the job.

We ensure that all our employees fulfil the professional standards for the job at hand. We only use highly motivated employees, who think it is a matter of honour to do the job as agreed. If our service does not meet the agreement, you have the right at any time to suspend it completely or partly.

We offer our customers a responsibly acting concept for utilizing foreign labour. All our workers who enter our country are paid a salary that follows the collective labour agreement. They also have a Finnish social security number and they pay their taxes in Finland.

Basically we take care of all our employers travel and accommodation arrangements. However, if our customer can or wants to arrange accommodation, it will affect our pricing. The only cost for using our services is a rent job invoice written directly from our company.





We are a Finnish employee rental company

Baltrent Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2007. We focus on the transmission of foreign labour and renting it to companies. 

We offer a risk-free and cost-effective way to use the labour!

All our employers have a finnish id, tax id and the ones who work on constructions also have a tax number and an id with picture.

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